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Posted by tzyy On June - 29 - 2010 9,499 COMMENTS

like so busy, like so free

Shanghai #2

Posted by tzyy On June - 22 - 2010 21,177 COMMENTS

Went to expo, entered pretty lots of pavillions, walked like continuosly 8 hours, 3 hours break. Ouch my feets..

Shanghai #1

Posted by tzyy On June - 21 - 2010 2,413 COMMENTS

11:57am Life without facebook, youtube and twitter. 12.46pm Without blogspot as well. 8.12pm Legs breaking. Watching WC in hotel. FML without facebook. 9.06PM 4:0, fun

my grandpa

Posted by tzyy On June - 14 - 2010 2,791 COMMENTS

(10 days ago) Hey you wanna go shanghai expo? A lot people one woh, need to queue 2 hours, you sure you can? Yeap we can just queue and wait. Okay count me in. (cancelled my previous schedule) (5 days ago) (phone call) I’m not going ady, you go yourself I’m buying your ticket. Why? [...]

my grandpa

Posted by tzyy On June - 3 - 2010 2,703 COMMENTS

(for the first time I took out my dslr infront of my family just now) Eh new camera? yeap Aunty: Borrow me when I go Nepal this september. okok Borrow me also when I go China next week. okok (palmed face) I’m also getting one. This one how much? 2k… plus (trying to cover ) [...]