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Posted by tzyy On October - 29 - 2009 20,881 COMMENTS

being a stubborn and headstrong person. I refused to face the fact of being shortsighted. 1 and a half year ago I actually started to realise that I need specs to see the projection screen clearly. 4 months ago, I renewed my lenses as my power increased 3-4 times of my previous power. 5 weeks [...]


Posted by tzyy On October - 24 - 2009 3,812 COMMENTS

time flew . project remains undone . October is ending in 1 week time. a pile of notes are left in the corner . it’s brush up time?

turning 20

Posted by tzyy On October - 19 - 2009 2,558 COMMENTS

in 30 days time.

12.40PM Sunday

Posted by tzyy On October - 11 - 2009 2,449 COMMENTS

Last week I didn’t do anything related to my sch works at all. – alex came over for 4 days. – we went for a lot of nice foods, based on the internet guide – watched several movies – walked around to shop until legs broken – keep playing the same arcade until I think [...]

10.03AM Monday

Posted by tzyy On October - 5 - 2009 2,841 COMMENTS

I woke up at 7pm and been awaken until now. This week is e-learning week, which is equally mean another holidays for me. I guess I’ve been missing my UK gangs too much. therefore I’m following their time zone now. None stop skyping/msning one after another during my midnights. Gah. Remind me why did I [...]