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MY for 4 days

Posted by tzyy On August - 31 - 2009 4,831 COMMENTS

Friday 3pm  Came back from SG together with Vinc via Aeroline. 7pm  Vinc had fun with the crews on board for an hour. 9pm  Watched 变节 with the EE group + Alex, Tomoki and Xeleon 11pm Fetched Vinc home + exploring Saturday 12am  Blitzone session with Tomo, Alex, MX, Davin and SL 3am   Yumcha [...]

Weekends Plan

Posted by tzyy On August - 25 - 2009 3,612 COMMENTS

Vinc is in Singapore but haven’t get a chance to meet him yet, probably tomorrow afternoon. I’m planning to go back KL together with him on Friday’s night but I’ve to come back by Sunday. The 3 main reasons I could give myself to spent 9 hours of go and return are: – Accompany Vinc [...]

study mode status: initialising

Posted by tzyy On August - 24 - 2009 2,701 COMMENTS

Today, is the 3rd week of my academic weeks. But today, is the 1st day which I’ve prepared my mood for my university. At least I’ve printed my notes(after 2 weeks of lessons).. and finally settled all my 5 modules. Gah, I’ve missed 2 weeks of classes. indeed I’ve missed a lot of stuffs for my project. as I [...]

I emo

Posted by tzyy On August - 18 - 2009 21,218 COMMENTS

..b’coz after I unlocked my Iphone, I realised that I did not bring the pin to take the SIM tray out of the phone, in order to insert my Maxis SIM and yet I don’t have any paper clip. FML ..b’coz all my app collection, roughly 100++ applications installed in my Iphone, was rubbed off [...]


Posted by tzyy On August - 14 - 2009 1,856 COMMENTS

Can you actually believe that I haven’t unpack my luggages since I moved in this apartment for 2 weeks? If you don’t do it today, you probably won’t do it tomorrow too.   Alright I’m going to do it NOW !