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While people are enjoying themselves..

Posted by tzyy On November - 30 - 2008 5,084 COMMENTS

..I’ve to stay at home to finish up my project management during weekends. Somemore my desktop brokedown, due to my over-overclocking, doing stuffs with this limited laptop’s screen is really suffering. Hopefully I can finish up this project in 5 more hours time.   Progress : 80% Days Left:  1 day

A short update

Posted by tzyy On November - 26 - 2008 15,088 COMMENTS

Days are getting busier and fuzzier. Just a little update to let my family know I’m still alive here. An irregular meal. What’s the different?   You don’t see something different huh? It’s SPICY CHICKEN MC-DELUXE’s chicken fillets !! I wanted to make it a more-real version of spicy chicken mcdeluxe but I just don’t [...]

2 Tags

Posted by tzyy On November - 24 - 2008 4,059 COMMENTS

Tag #1 – by cherrie 1) Do you think you’re hot ? – It’s 3 degree celsius now what do you think? 2) Upload your favourite picture of you! – None -  3) Why do you like that picture? – N/a -  4) When was the last time you ate pizza ? – 1 month [...]

Yahoo! Forecast Lied

Posted by tzyy On November - 24 - 2008 1,637 COMMENTS

I expected the weather forecast technology to have better accuracy today but it just failed to amuse me. In addition, my progress of the project I’m doing all along is still stepping on its initial ground. KILL ME ! If I can maintain my first-class honour for year 2 and successfully obtain the student exchange [...]

Here the snow is returning

Posted by tzyy On November - 23 - 2008 6,281 COMMENTS

  Project Progress: 10%  Days Remaining : 7 days.  I need a miracle .