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Last day of October

Posted by tzyy On October - 31 - 2008 6,259 COMMENTS

First of all, today is birthday of our Mr Cheng Lee. Happy b’day xD ( and happy b’day to his twin brother, Mr Cheng Yee, too of course ) Secondly, I only realised that today is the last day of October, which means we’re going to start a new page on November in the next [...]

I’ll be

Posted by tzyy On October - 30 - 2008 2,013 COMMENTS

It’s 2.38AM, I’ve just done my prep work for the lab tomorrow later. I surfed the YL forum and downloaded YUI – I’ll be MV Offshot. In all of a sudden, my mind came in with what’s lacking in my life.. I’ve bought all my electronics stuffs I wanted in these few months, except an e. guitar but [...]

Snowing in Autumn

Posted by tzyy On October - 28 - 2008 3,911 COMMENTS

  It was so greenish 2 hours ago..   And all of a sudden it becomes snowy !   *click on the thumbnails for larger image More photos will be available soon in Life’s Photo section above. Still under beta testing . 

Fiber Optic

Posted by tzyy On October - 25 - 2008 3,082 COMMENTS

   I love my 4AM’s internet speed. One episode of TVB in less than 1 minute.. If only peak time’s speed can be this fast, then I will only call it a perfect fiber optic .. =(

IT freaks family

Posted by tzyy On October - 25 - 2008 2,372 COMMENTS

儿:爸,为何我会来到这世界? 爸(上网中):迟点再给你说好吗? 儿:现在说啦。 爸(回忆感事):好啦,听清楚。一天,你爸妈在房里上网时,你爸connect去你妈那儿,而你妈从我那支memory stick里download了东西,当你爸upload完后,发现自己没开firewall,你妈又没antivirus,想delete时太迟了,九个月后你就来到这个世界了。明白了吗? 儿:哦,原来我是virus!