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5.30pm I was preparing myself for the concert. Looking for my video camera up and down, in and out inside my house. It is lost. Nobody saw the video-cam, denying they took it, from KL to Sarawak. I asked one by one of all my family members, seems like the video-cam is lost after it [...]

28 August, Thursday – Part 1, Mad Visa Trip

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Me and Dharyl woke up at 11pm, whereby our alarms are set at 9am. Everyone knows, must be dharyl’s fault for not waking early. The day started as I fetched dharyl back to subang jaya. While he enjoying his working, I went back home and read my newspaper. Halfway reading, Cheng Lee called and told me [...]

27 August, Wednesday – 12 hours in CyberCafe

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When I wake up by around 3pm.. As usual, I will flip my laptop on and check my mails.. By the time I opened my laptop, I saw dharyl’s message, so I nudged him back. And this is the starting of the day, He invited me to go subang jaya.. To a place that abandoned by  us [...]

26 August, Tuesday – Engineering BBQ Party

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The party was supposed to start at 6pm.. But as predicted.. They all reached by 6.30pm, 7pm, and 8.30pm .. Attendees included: 1) me ( EE ) 2) gun ( EE )  3) sukhpal ( EE )  4) omar ( EE ) 5) david ( EE ) 6) vincent ( EE ) 7) phuvan ( [...]

Updating soon..

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- Engineering BBQ – 12 hours in CyberCafe – Bloody ‘Trip’ of Visa – Avril Lavigne Concert  give me some time to take a rest first ..