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can’t you just

Posted by tzyy On April - 5 - 2010 4,455 COMMENTS

tell me whatever i wanna hear do whatever it should be and make a miracle?


Posted by tzyy On March - 3 - 2010 3,642 COMMENTS

im supposingly very busy with my projects but in fact im free now because i don’t know where to start my work from i need guidelines, step by step but i’ve just realised i’m not in secondary school anymore fucked up

Posted by tzyy On February - 17 - 2010 3,888 COMMENTS


tomorrow and tomorrow

Posted by tzyy On February - 7 - 2010 3,022 COMMENTS

bah . im getting bored of saying – i wanted to study but something bothered me – i will do revision everyday after classes – i will start studying tomorrow – i will attend all the classes – i will write my reports – i will do my project but I AM STILL WAY SLACKING [...]

theme of december

Posted by tzyy On December - 6 - 2009 5,475 COMMENTS

everywhere has been decorated with christmas decoration and stuffs . 1 year, 2 years.. it was just like not long ago.. despite of that it’s really important to learn how to look forward, right? my heart goes freezing tgt with the snow.. but I hope it wouldn’t break again. im heading home in 8 hours [...]