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Grandpa stories

Posted by tzyy On May - 31 - 2012 20,833 COMMENTS

Your brother just started his college? Ya.. What is he studying? Some business stuffs.. Can he study doctor? No.. he’s in art stream.. He can start studying doctor in college. No you have to be in science stream.. So he can’t be a doctor? No.. Why are you not working? Go and get a job.. [...]

my grandpa

Posted by tzyy On September - 14 - 2010 20,922 COMMENTS

Hey I get one iPet okay? iPad? Yea, the mini computer *fingers showing the rectangular shape* No it’s not a computer. It sucks But the computer looks fun. What  you wanna do with it? I don’t know. I wanna play. What do you think you can play with it? I don’t know, that’s why I [...]

my grandpa

Posted by tzyy On June - 3 - 2010 2,703 COMMENTS

(for the first time I took out my dslr infront of my family just now) Eh new camera? yeap Aunty: Borrow me when I go Nepal this september. okok Borrow me also when I go China next week. okok (palmed face) I’m also getting one. This one how much? 2k… plus (trying to cover ) [...]

my grandpa

Posted by tzyy On May - 16 - 2010 2,861 COMMENTS

Long time never see your girlfriend eh? Broke up ady Huh? Again? When? (what again..?) yes, few months ago.. This is the second one ady. Why you like this one? (like what?) … Why break up? you dowan ppl or ppl dowan you? kena potong by ppl? *laughs* (walks away, thanks for reminding grandpa)

my dad

Posted by tzyy On December - 1 - 2009 5,115 COMMENTS

dad:‘how was your exams going on?’ me: ‘first subject is so dead, going to fail soon..’ dad:’oh then how? can retake?’ me:‘if retake need to retake next sem..’ dad:’oh, then next sem fail again how?’ that’s encouraging, thanks daddy .