Earth Day

Posted by tzyy On March - 28 - 2009 3 COMMENTS

Please take your effort to save the earth.

We can’t regenerate it to its previous image. But we can stop destroying it.

For the Earth . For the Man . For Your Future

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  1. kswongvincent says:

    lolx, remember to switch your Computer and those 2 monitors of yours, and stop blogging elsewhere..

  2. t Z says:

    yes I will =D

  3. Modesto says:

    Bman,Do it. I got my private pilot’s licsnee in 1970 in Palmer, Alaska. It’s a lot more expensive today, of course, but if you dream of something like this, do it.You will not be able to do it if you have serious physical problems, like diabetes, that will keep you from passing the physical.Keep in mind, though, it’s expensive. The lessons are expensive, the planes are, and the insurance is. Cheapest way has always been to join a flying club. They have club airplanes at a discount rental rate and have usually got members who are instructors. Also, memberships can sometimes be bought from current members at a discounted rate, especially in an economic downturn.It’s a kind of an elite group to belong to, but better than that is what you describe: the freedom. My wife and I used to fly up to Talkeetna, about 70 miles, for lunch. Great memories.

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