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Doing EE in UoB is definitely different from doing it in Taylor’s.
It’s much more tougher, complicated and you will feel helpless all the time at here.

Let’s see what’s the responses from the current students .

Ei-vonne Kwan, Year 2, the top student from 2007 September Intake batch.
“Just aim to pass is more than enough, stop thinking about first class honours. “

HengGoh Yap, Year 3, the top student from 2007 January Intake batch.
“EE is insane. I guess my basic is not good enough.”    (alright so if even his basic !=enough {we all don’t even have a basic;})

Tzyy Ng, Year 2, the only student from 2008 Jan Intake batch.
“I spent more time in a lab than in my room each day.”

Alright, you still have 6 months to transfer into a local university.

But that’s for the punnies. 

Get yourselves loaded and be ready for the game . x)

( am I scaring the juniors here? =D )

6 Responses

  1. zEN says:

    we’re dead meat =(

  2. ahB says:

    wah so scary ar….will this be my bloody degree?
    change course?oh my god what to do now?

  3. Tomoki says:

    Looks Like I’m Gonna Change My Statement To “Engineering In The UK Is Not A Joke”

  4. wayne says:

    gambateh dude ^^
    i gt faith in your ability hehe =)

  5. Alex says:

    Keep up la. Try to survive. LOL

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