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I’ve lost count on what CNY day is today though.

Indeed, our CNY celebration in UK was definitely an odd one.

We had our CNY eve dinner in some sort of chinese restaurant located in chinatown.


The next day, which is day 1 of CNY..

we came out with this brilliant idea,

steamboat !

actually we had yu sang which was sponsored by maverick .

but due to the limitation of our table, we did not lao sang in the end.

there were a grand total of 9 people in our house, everyone was so full after finishing the portion on the table.

what else?

of course we did some traditional chinese activity-lah


but the only different is we were using Pounds instead of MYR here.

well, it seems like this CNY is really a good start for me.

everything comes in plan or even better.

I hope my robot project doesn’t screw my marks off, that’s the only thing I have to worry about.

how ’bout the other lab I was talking about last few posts?

that’d be fine if I willing to do some lab prep works before the lab ..

my lab is on monday, which means I’ve to sacrifice my sunday =(

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  1. Tomoki says:


  2. kswong says:

    We’re just an hour away,
    how come my CNY is totally different from yours!!!!!

  3. Fiona says:

    msia’s yu sang is much MORE delicioussss <3 yummy ~ xD

  4. t Z says:

    tomoki > get your friend’s

    kswong > yours is how ?

    fiona > you . go . deai

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