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Posted by tzyy On December - 15 - 2008 7 COMMENTS

Expect blog not to be updated for 12 days. Off to trip.

15th London
16th-19th Germany
19th-24th Paris
25th-27th London

If you don’t see me after 15 days, find me in newspaper.

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  1. Virion says:

    nice trip man. haihz too bad i don’t usually buy newspaper but I will buy everyday start from today and see if I could see you for the last time haha. :x

  2. t Z says:

    Paris had found terrorist bombs yesterday =o

  3. Cherrie says:

    i want to kill you. ._.

  4. Alex says:

    Ok…. I start reading newspaper also… In case they haven remove all the bombs in Paris when u arrive. LOL

  5. Fiona says:

    i’ll track ya in msn and facebook. coz i lazy to read newspaper. =O
    dont die yea hahas.. =P

  6. Virion says:

    tzyy see they wanna bomb you liao (give warning on TV le) why you still go… fiona if he no reply you in msn means… ahem lol.

  7. Xeleon says:

    May God Bless You. X)

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