Yahoo! Forecast Lied

Posted by tzyy On November - 24 - 2008 5 COMMENTS

I expected the weather forecast technology to have better accuracy today but it just failed to amuse me.

In addition, my progress of the project I’m doing all along is still stepping on its initial ground. KILL ME !

If I can maintain my first-class honour for year 2 and successfully obtain the student exchange programme, I gonna buy myself a Core i7-E965.

Oh ya, I’ve to attend an interview for the student exchange this wednesday, finish my A subject lab 2 on monday and pass up my G project by next monday. There’s still a few subjects’ labs reports and robot designing project behind.

Where’s the miracle?

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  1. Tomoki says:

    Weather Forecast Use BBC Better…And Now U Think Engineering In UK Is Much Harder Yeah? XD

  2. Tomoki says:

    Oh Yea Btw People Taking EEE In Imperial Have All Vanished From My Sight…No Idea Why

  3. WE says:


    add oil lar, reward yourself a Tzyy robot soon

  4. t Z says:

    @ tomoki
    yeah but the weather forecast in my iphone is yahoo!’s . nvm =/
    well it’s really challenging here IF I’ve the mood .

    all EEE students had suicided I guess

  5. Tomoki says:

    No…I Just Met One Withdrawing Money Last Night

    Hmm…Sounds Like They Use Money To Bribe Seniors To Help Them Out XD

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