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  1. Cherrie says:

    =.= whoa… no wonder i don’t like pokemon anymore.

  2. t Z says:

    me neither xD


  3. Alex says:

    Pokemon is classic. Every1 loves it.

  4. -Dharyl- says:

    Fine. We break up! Bye! Gj?

  5. Tomoki says:

    Meow? Gotta Catch Em All. Go Send Pokemon In Facebook

  6. t Z says:

    … *censored**censored**censored* (please imagine my finger)

    please stop sending app to me -_-

  7. Tomoki says:

    Eh Actually Hor, I Still Think This Formula Is Wrong As Catching Those Legendary Pokemon Seems Harder =.=

  8. Sin says:

    no.. i tried and failed to catch skarmory after throwing 8 ultra balls and 6 great balls =.= darn fustrating

  9. Tomoki says:

    U Mean U Restarted 13 Times To Throw 14 Balls? Nevermind, I Wasted 43 Ultra Balls Before For Groudon. Well….It Proves That Binomial Theorem Is Correct But Certainly That Formula Should Have Mistakes

  10. pohnee says:

    still pokemon trading card game nicer. in gameboy of course xP

  11. t Z says:

    gameboy one i also got play !

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