Claire’s ‘Innocent”s Joke

Posted by tzyy On June - 15 - 2008 7 COMMENTS

Me: “I’ve a semester project, left 2 weeks to finish.. titled how’s data burnt into cd





Claire: “Oh……… use Nero-lah!


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  1. Wen says:

    thats true
    tel ur lecturer no nid 2 weeks so long larr

  2. t Z says:

    He gave us 7 weeks to write 50 pages.

  3. Wen says:

    oklar i onli noe fork n spoon cannot help u = =

  4. Alex says:

    Easy lei…. Nonid use nero… U put in new CD / DVD then u juz drag the file u want there and press ok. LOL


    Sure 100 marks. Nonid to thx me xD

  5. -Dharyl- says:

    I realise Tz like to shoot people in his blog.. His blog must be deleted! V need freedom!! =p

  6. Gun says:

    Tz..Its next month left 3-5 weeks-.-..Sotong la u!

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