Counter Attack #1

Posted by tzyy On June - 10 - 2008 14 COMMENTS

You all thought only our TER 95 guy sleep in class?




Think again.






Haih zen zen..

Why so tired?

First class student studying at home 24/7 ?


I don’t think so.



Perhaps.. he will use half of his time trying to act handsome at home too much.





Please take notes: these photos are highly demanded and not shown to public before. Only provided you the latest and the hottest photos in town.

14 Responses

  1. Gun says:

    First!!!Funny!!!Tz u win this roundXD

  2. zEN says:


  3. Sukhpal says:

    tz always wins…but zen also got gd comeback..haha..nice one…kill 2 birds in one didnt noe zen’s photo in high demand…

  4. Wen says:

    mayb lailai curi the photos from here dy =}

  5. lai lai says:

    hey hey….
    i didnt ok…

  6. lai lai says:

    he sleep on a pillow..
    how nice…

  7. Sin says:

    aduh!! damm pain my stomach!! This time zen kena RPG-ed by tz ahah

  8. Alex says:

    Haihz.. Zen lose again. kesian zen. wuakakakkaa

  9. t Z says:

    I risked my life to bluetooth these photos from his phone to mine. Without his awareness. WAHAHAHA

  10. Wen says:

    damn bad u
    no wonder u bcome the onli supplier

  11. -Dharyl- says:

    Lol.. Lai Lai must b very happy getting Zen’s photos from here.. Hehe..

  12. Wen says:

    mayb she got more than these =D

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