First official university day

Posted by tzyy On September - 29 - 2008 4 COMMENTS

Did nothing much today.
Went to my department for 2 talks and met my personal tutor.
I was 15 minutes late due to my laptop was restarted automatically whilst I set my alarm in it.
( though they tried to wake me up but I slept back .. ) 

Got our debit cards today but it needs activation by sending the letter back.
If it doesn’t required to do so, we will be posting about our new phones right now.

I was supposingly to be in my dream at this second right now.



Mr. Wong occupied my warm bed.
He’s waiting Mrs Wong to wake up and to skype with her. 

If tomorrow I’m late for school again, I shall put the blame on him.

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  1. -Dharyl- says:

    tZ, don’t blame people .
    And the fact is that you will never wake up on time and alarmS will never work for you.

  2. Tomoki says:


  3. YoyoHoNG says:

    I never blame on you, but you want to blame me…
    Take my pic… you will know…. !!!!!~~~~

  4. zEN says:

    dun revenge…later he cry LOL

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