A week in UK

Posted by tzyy On September - 27 - 2008 12 COMMENTS

Finally my 20Mbps fiber-optic is up..
Now I can back to my internet life in UK.. 

I’ve spent 7 days here.
Now let me write a very short summary on what I did these days.
Yeah I took tons of photos but it’s hard for me to choose now.
So I will just upload a few of those now.

  Day 1 – 20th September 2008

Reached Birmingham International Airport

Special thanks to YuGen and his friend for fetching us to our house

The house is damn small but stay-able

I moved 100cm to the right to take this photo after my room’s
now, imagine with your right brain on the dimension of my house.

   Day 2 – 21st September 2008

YuGen brought us to the city by riding bus

Visited Bull Ring, one of the largest shopping centre in UK

Ate chicken rice which costed us 6 pounds, ~RM40.

  Day 3 – 22nd September 2008

Big chef of the year

“Can you faster a bit?”

Shut up or I smack you with this”

Terpaksa to finish the foods

*Captions are for entertainment purposes, the author does not hold any responsibility on any misleading the thoughts of the readers.

Day 4 – 23rd September 2008

First day walking to university

West Gate Entrance

Reporting latest situation to mrs. wong

*After writing this post, I realised that I did not take much photos in university, I will upload more in next few days..

our house is the one with lights on, on the nearest left from SoonHong

Day 5 – 24th September 2008

2.4 pounds burger, to replace McD

went to buy some daily needs

   Day 6 – 25th September 2008

view from part of the university

view from part of the university

view from part of the university

Dinner of the day: Chicken Porridge

  Day 7 – 26th September 2008

Went to wet market for some meats and vegetables

Dine at Malaysia’s Restaurant

Why are these sterling notes here?
The 20pounds was my bet, and the 10pounds is the money I won from the casino  =p

Someone lost 40pounds.. sad to him

The timing of the blog will now follows Greenwich Time Zone, GMT +0.

12 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Foooyo ~ SO geng !! I also wanna go Casino xD

    Sob… Now i over here ta kei so lonely eat McD also so lonely haha

  2. Wen says:

    u steal away my chef in Mentari !

  3. lai lai says:

    Hong is a GOOD cook.. u wont slim down don worry.. haha

  4. Tomoki says:

    @_@ Hope U Get Used To It Soon…Wat Burger Is Tat? I Pretty Sure Not Subway De Wor

  5. Sin says:

    alex!! go cc no call me la now!! only call ws nv call me!! some more day complain lonely

  6. Xeleon says:

    what a “very short” summary.. @@
    wa u brought ur guitar there?

  7. t Z says:

    yea alex I missed the mcD in malaysia =(
    and xeleon, I brought the guitar from malaysia.

    Planning to get an electric guitar at here instead.

  8. pohnee says:

    woots, is it just all guys living in a house? xD

    @alex: you’re so gay.

  9. t Z says:

    there’s 4 guys and 1 girl in our house haha

  10. pohnee says:

    O_O pity the girl. hahahaha

  11. t Z says:

    she’s so proud to stay tgt with me . other girls mau pun hardly get the chance

  12. chelsea says:

    Are you studying in UK?

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