Bypass Veoh – Update

Posted by tzyy On September - 13 - 2008 6 COMMENTS

Some updates regarding how to bypass veoh in banned country..

Way #1
I’ve given this site before, but I did not mentioned the next step.
The next step is actually,  
click the Download Options > Download to VeohTV and download into your computer.

Way #2
Insisted to watch it by steaming? Read the rest of ways then.
Secondly, we can go in the website thru proxy.
Just enter the website, and choose either one of the proxy on the list.
The proxy might be quite slow in terms of streaming speed, depends on your luck.
I don’t have any good recommendation, as I don’t use proxy.

Way #3
Use Xb Browser, another internet browser which veoh has not blocked, yet.

Way #4
1. Copy link from video you would like to watch from Veoh
2. Go to click on Add Video (top)
3. Paste the link into the box
4. Preview or Submit, done.

This way can bypass the 5 minutes preview too.

Way #5
This one require a little bit advance skills to handle the stuff.
 1) Download Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield is something that creates VPN from your computer to your router.

2) Run it, activate it, and you can watch Veoh without any problem.
Sorry I’m too lazy to post a full guide for this, figure it yourselves, this thing won’t be too technical I guess. It’s simple and nice.

Way #6
Why makes life so hard. Download your movies from somewhere else-lah. Better quality, somemore can save and watch it anytime =p 


If the ways are successful and you wish to thanks me, I will be very grateful if you press the ads on the right, open with a new tab or whatsoever =) 

6 Responses

  1. KaRiLa says:

    how to bypass hotspot shield’s annoying commercial?

  2. t Z says:

    you can’t . that’s the disadvantage of using it =)

  3. chelsea says:

    Hotspot shield doesn’t work for me anymore. What’s the best way to bypass Veoh?

  4. t Z says:

    there’s 5 more ways written there

  5. Willian says:

    Risco de dificuldades sociais é maior nos casos em que cromossoma X preservado é de origem materna (Skuse et al., mil novecientos
    noventa y siete).

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