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Wave 1 – The War Has Begun..

Posted by tzyy On May - 29 - 2008 2,193 COMMENTS

You all know right,

Sometimes get high marks no use one.

First class so what?

Education level is very high,

but physically is so short.
zen very tall


Everytime pass-through some promoters. 

Not people thought he’s poor and cannot afford the products,

but it’s actually the promoters cannot see him when he has friends beside him, who’s one BALL taller.


He everyday has to pass through toll.

But he doesn’t want to get a Touch n’ Go card.

This doesn’t mean that he cannot afford one.

But it’s b’coz of his IQ is very high,

so that he know that he won’t be able to reach the TnG receiver without opening his car door,
which will be more inconvenience  to himself.

High in terms of marks and High in terms of height.
Differentiate with respect of marks and height,
Let dm/dl && dh/dl = 0

We will get squared-differentiation’s answer with one is >0 and one is <0.


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