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I was preparing myself for the concert. Looking for my video camera up and down, in and out inside my house. It is lost. Nobody saw the video-cam, denying they took it, from KL to Sarawak. I asked one by one of all my family members, seems like the video-cam is lost after it reached my grandpa’s hands. Fine, I bring a normal camera instead then. 

I was eating my dinner, all of my family members asked me why I still have not departed from home. Surely traffic jam one, they said. But I still insist to trust my timing.

I left my house. Driving towards Stadium Merdeka, passing by Midvalley. The traffic on Kerinchi Link is terrible. But then once I reached Midvalley, the traffic is damn smooth while my analogue meter could reach 120km/h. 

Here comes the nightmare. My car is totally stucked inside the traffic, whereby Stadium Merdeka is just 2 km away. I called zen, he leaded me the way. Thanks to zen, I was supposed to reach by 8pm. Because of his good leading, I was leaded to a wrong highway and made a u-turn, and back to another sesak way again.

Finally I got my parking, me and zen rushed to the Stadium. But luckily, we’re still in time. There’re quite a lot of stalls outside the stadium and I bought my Avril’s 2nd Album – Under My Skin, for RM35 only.

So now I have collected all her 3 albums 

The concert started at 9pm, lasted for 1 hour and 20 minutes.
It was a very good and rocky concert.
Except for the venue is bad, Stadium Merdeka,
what makes them think they could bid for Olympic 2020 with such standard =/

Avril Lavigne is so cute and cool xD

The the best part I enjoyed in the concert is the part when she interact with the audience before she sang ‘He wasnt’.

Video credit: DrLero7 

Too bad I don’t have my video-cam, if not I can get a much better quality.

She even played the drums and piano in the concert.

Avril playing the drums for the song Runaway
Video credit: DrLero7

Avril playing the piano and vocal for the song When You’re Gone
Video credit: suemay520 

The concert’s sequence:

“I Can Do Better”
“My Happy Ending”
“I’m With You”
“I Always Get What I Want”
“When You’re Gone”
“Don’t Tell Me”
“Losing Grip”
“Bad Reputation”
“Everything Back But You”
“Hey Mickey”
“The Best Damn Thing”
“I Don’t Have to Try”
“He Wasn’t”

“Girlfriend (Dr. Luke Remix)”
“Sk8er Boi”

More pictures..







A very special thanks for the photo to Sue May, another Avril’s fans, for the photos.
Credits to and the members inside. 

Avril Lavigne’s Concert is cool in overall. =)

The time flew, and Avil Lavigne’s concert was 2 days ago.. We shall miss her ..

Now, what’s next?

p/s: I thought I will post up much more detailed post, but my mood isn’t here right now. too bad ..