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Wireless Energy Transfer

Posted by tzyy On December - 13 - 2010 21,118 COMMENTS

What’s wireless energy transfer?

It means transfering energy without wires. duh

Nikola Tesla came out with this idea, 100 years ago, in his Wardenclyffe Tower project.

The inductive charging technique

Induction charging products are widely available such as

the ‘wireless’ charging toothbrush

and the phones charging pad.

It’s sort of wireless but it is still very near field charging technology.
MIT decided to say it’s not enough

Resonant Inductive Charging

The MIT team came out with a research group, the WiTricity and successfully achieved a distance of 2 metres with 40% power transmission efficiency. This makes the possibility to  wireless charge every single electronics in a home/office comes to a reality.


with Resonant.

It’s an efficient energy exchange between tuned resonant objects at certain frequency.

In the project, there are two coils, a transmitter and a receiver.

The current passes thru the transmitter coil will induce a magnetic field.

While the magnetic field will be collected by the capture coil, coupled and transfer the power efficiently.

With this technique, wirelessly powered devices are made possible. Say byebye to Lithium battery.

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