computer basic

Posted by tzyy On May - 7 - 2010 3 COMMENTS

What’s a bus for?

err, a switch interchange between two components?

And? The characteristics?

hmm, no idea?

What did you learn in your year 1 and year 2?

some hardware designing like using the PIC to control the LCDs..

How does the PIC connect the LCD?

err using C programming and direct the input to the ports?

And deeper part?

err dunno?

Sorry I can’t pass you, you don’t have the very basic knowledge of a computer system. This is embeded computer system design module, if you don’t have the basic idea of what a computer is I can’t pass you. What if you went outside and work in this field but you don’t know anything, people will question you who gave you a pass in this module,
it’s not suprising that people know me you know.

*pat my back and left*

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  1. Vonne says:

    Sad. Why do you have oral exams?

  2. tzyy says:

    bcoz my proj wasn’t done . but fuck it :)

  3. Sukhy says:

    ur prof dam sohai man…

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