18 feb ’10

Posted by tzyy On February - 19 - 2010 8 COMMENTS

2 more days to go back to stress level .

test was postponed, but no need to postpone my flight anyway.

things which don’t belong to you will be gone anyhow you try to keep it .

hate to be scorpio . or should i hate my choices of love ones

i’ll be fine . after a couple of months ..

keeping myself occupied

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  1. lifez says:

    does it matter which Constellation you belong to? but you are partly right bout how things will go how they go. can’t change it. C’mon, buck up and focus on other more important things in life.. Make a game plan, stick to it, and Your ROYAL FLUSH will come to you 1 day.

  2. 18 FEBUARY2010 says:

    Happy New Year Bro, Welcome to Year 2010

  3. Vonne says:

    不是你的, 就不是你的。

    Forget about it, you have better things waiting for you! ;)

  4. zEN says:

    we should have a drink together one day.

  5. yh says:

    zen drink what? alcohol? why you need?

  6. KimChi says:

    just a perfect dream..

  7. Alex says:

    Still got so many fishes out there, slowly catch

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