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Year 1 Class Trip – Penang

Posted by tzyy On July - 30 - 2008 4 COMMENTS

The journey started when we all gathered in Asia Cafe at around 9am..
The members of this Journey to Penang included:-
Me, Zeneng, Ah B, Gunz, Sukhpal, Vincent, Mahir, Phuvan, Sylvester and Raymond.
Omar is at penang before us and ready to pick us up in Penang.

After that, we start moving on to Penang with 2 cars ..
my CR-V and vincent’s “myvi” .
but then we realised in vincent’s eyes, his bmw 5 series is just his little “myvi” . so no comment on it lol.

On the North-South Highway,
We still be able to see his car infront of us..

and I was driving at a constant 160km/h ..
but after 1 hour.. I guess he’s tired of following my speed..
then he just stepped his accelerating petal and in 5 seconds..
we don’t see him anymore until we reached penang. 

vincent’s car’s dashboard

No wonder I cannot see his car on the highways..

and these 2 highlighted are the feedbacks from his passengers..


So okay-lah, my conclusion is 2000cc cannot run faster than 3000cc xD

We reached at Penang in around 3 hours and couples of minutes..
Firstly, they picked up Omar..
then we meet at (I don’t know what plaza with Parkson one)..
after that we went to our hotel at Tanjung Bungah,
which is located on the seasides.. 

After putting down our stuffs,
we went to the eating stalls below Ji Le Shi to eat our very first penang’s food.. the Laksa

after that, we 1 car people have to turn back to our hotel to grab Mahir’s passport to buy some liquors ..
while the other half went to the temple.. 

So, I followed all the way back..

Then.. took an illegal U-turn..
Something bad happened after this..
A police car shined his light and directed us to stop our car..

2 police officers came down and talked bullshits for 5 minutes..
bullshits from saying taking the u-turn like is dangerous to Omar is from Pakistan.

So at last, we gave RM20 to them and thanks for their generous and kind-heart, we do not need to take any saman..

after grabbing the passport, we head to Gurney Shopping Complex and others meet us up at there..

Phuvan and Gunz had forgotten to take Ah B’s luggage from his car ..
So Ah B had to buy all his clothes at there..

Me and Zen tried to find YUI albums at the musics shops there but there’re none of them =(

We left the mall and went back to hotel..
changed our clothes to short pants and went to the beach..

having fun
having fun

what’s wrong with the stick zen?

The seasides is quite beautiful and clean..
We had fun there and ended up all the sands can be found even inside my pocket.

vincent trying to spoil the photo xD

Queueing to take turn to use the 2 bathrooms for 11 people are tiring..

especially you still have sands on your body and full of sea-water’s smell..
and somemore I lost my chor-dai-di which made me the last 3 to have bath..

Around 8pm, everyone is ready and we departed to have our dinner ..
We went to Gurney Drive which has lots of stalls right there..
We had our satays, rojak, mo ji, char kuey teow, curry mee, o jian etc. right there..

After that, ah B said wanna bring us to eat Ikan Bakar..
so we walked approximately 1km something and end up we did not found the place to eat..
made us have to walk all the way back to our car park..

they showed us the Jackie Chan’s condominium in the middle of walking path..
which is 1 unit per floor and costed 1 million for just an unit of condo..

we dropped by the Secret Recipe shop to buy a cake too for Omar’s Birthday ..
which we begged them for a cake as they have closed their shop and cleaning the entire shop..

that time was around 11pm and we drove back to our hotel..
we get ready and run into Omar’s room and celebrated his b’day..

some of them are half way enjoying their liquors and I had a small cup of it..

in Omar’s room

I would like to take the opportunity to apologise to Gun, Ah B, Raymond and Sylvester..
for making you all slept on the floor that night..
I lost my sense when I’m sleeping ..
And of course zen too..
We had conquered the 2 beds ourselves which were supposed to be slept by 4 people..
Sorry xD

The Next Day,

When I woke up, they’re already playing chor-dai-di there..

Sylvester slept on the floor =(

Gun keep kacau me until I woke up

Ah B is calling another room

We got ready by 11am and went to Komtar to have our breakfast..
We had Char Kuey Teow and Asam Laksa there with complement of cendols..

After that, Vincent brought us to buy some packed foods to be brought back to KL..

We are just following his car and turn round and round the Penang island ..
(as he lost his direction).. xD

Before leaving Penang, we went to Sunway Mall and eat in Omar’s aunty’s shop..

And the last thing to be mentioned in Penang..
We took ferry ride instead of passing the Penang Bridge as they said Mahir never ride it before..


So, we had our dinner ( chicken rice ) in Ipoh and that would be the last thing we ate in this trip..

We went all the way back to KL thru North-South Highway again..
And it would be an even better trip is we’ve prepared more clothes so we can go Cameron Highlands lol..
Raymond drove my car while me, zen, sylvester and gun playing chor-dai-di in the car..

So as predicted..
On the highway.. We won’t be able to see vincent’s car as his BMW 530d had just zoooooom and lost in out sight..

The petrol cost of this trip for my CR-V is MYR355.52 and tolls which is approximately MYR100..
And for the diesel BMW vincent say it’s approximately 40% cheaper than mine ..
So here’s one of the reason I told my dad I want a BMW.. but he told me “Buy Yourself” =(

I think I just bought a pair of Lewis jeans, a table-tennis bat and pump few times petrol..
I already spent approx 1k ..
I’m waiting for him to call me when he has received the card’s statement and hopefully he won’t freeze my account .. =/

Gun said to go Ikano today but he FFK us ( me, sylvester and ah b ) ..
he said he is sick lol..
pity him .. maybe food poison? xD 

I did not take too much photos..
most of them are taken from others..

So.. please use your right brain when reading my blog =)

11 members in this Journey to Penang’s trip, the engineers

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  1. -My- says:

    that(sea) called beautiful and clean. you want me show you redang (The Last and Only limpid blue sea that Msia left) one?

    oh and yes,

    next time i play poker with you har~

  2. Alex says:

    Fooyo so fun ur class trip

  3. Sylvester says:

    no need sorry la…. u driving mar… special case special case.. summore we play cho dai tee until so noisy in the middle of the night..