theme of december

Posted by tzyy On December - 6 - 2009 6 COMMENTS

everywhere has been decorated with christmas decoration and stuffs .

1 year, 2 years.. it was just like not long ago..

despite of that it’s really important to learn how to look forward, right?

my heart goes freezing tgt with the snow..

but I hope it wouldn’t break again.

im heading home in 8 hours time .

it’s time to book me, if you haven’t do so .

because holidays always go away faster than anyday

have a blessed december and happy holidays everyone .

**early wishes for those in UK

6 Responses

  1. SL says:

    haigh… no snow for u this yr..

  2. tzyy says:

    it’s alright. im going to taiwan to see hot cute girls in shorts .
    your snowing city? old fat fugly women on street with fur coats .

  3. yh says:

    Thx for your wish… but still hate you cause you left me here! LOL
    Enjoy your taiwan trip ya!

  4. Vinc says:

    taiwan is going to have earthquake..

  5. YuJen says:

    Can i book u tzyy?

  6. tzyy says:

    you’ll need early appointment

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