Holidays Day #4

Posted by tzyy On July - 28 - 2008 1 COMMENT

Marathon in Midvalley for 3 hours continuously yesterday.

Got almost nothing in return besides a pair of Lewis jeans.

After that went blitzone with pocha and sin.

Won around 5 games..

Today, after music classes..

went to play again with them and claire..

won another 5 games..

DotA is bored =(

Tomorrow going penang..

I will make 4 hours drive to 2 hours.

If you see this blog ended with this post for few months..

You know what happened.

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  1. Tomoki says:

    If Blog Ends With This Post For A Few Months…U Won’t Get Back Your RM1 Wor, Think Rationally For The 100 Cents For Buying Sweets Oh =p

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