Thank you my teens

Posted by tzyy On November - 18 - 2009 5 COMMENTS

happy 20th b’day to myself .

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  1. Vinc. says:

    This is emo…

  2. Vinc says:

    why comments off on previous post..
    can’s paste this there..:

    心(xin1) 跳(tiao4) 飘(piao1) 逸(yi4) 提(di1,ti2) 醒(xing3) 着(zhao1,zhao2,zhe,zhuo2) 我(wo3) 们(men) 身(shen1) 在(zai4) 不(bu2,bu4) 同(tong2,tong4) 天(tian1) 空(kong1,kong4)
    预(yu4) 设(she4) 好(hao3,hao4) 的(de,di2,di4) 伤(shang1) 痛(tong4) 是(shi4) 否(fou3,pi3) 能(neng2) 说(shui4,shuo1,yue4) 不(bu2,bu4) 碰(peng4) 就(jiu4) 不(bu2,bu4) 碰(peng4)
    我(wo3) 想(xiang3) 犹(you2) 豫(yu4) 不(bu2,bu4) 决(jue2) 比(bi3) 飞(fei1) 蛾(e2,yi3) 扑(pu1) 火(huo3) 还(hai2,huan2) 更(geng1,geng4) 堕(duo4,hui1) 落(la4,lao4,luo1,luo4)

    i still don’t get what u trying to say..

  3. tzyy says:

    lol . i don’t know what post to write mah . wanted to write the title only . meaningful song from YUI you know .

    lol vinc, it looks vry hard to be understood from the pinyin

  4. karila says:

    oh yeah~san kyu my teen!!!!

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