it’s friday again

Posted by tzyy On September - 4 - 2009 2 COMMENTS

today is a good day.

whatever came across my mind just happened in the same way, for the whole day.

strange but indeed very cool .


it’s friday again, 1 week has passed .
I doubt I’ve done anything in these 4 academic weeks.

being a lazy bump, I am always slacking to do the graphics programming.
but I have caught the attention of the lecturer.
have to put in extraordinary efforts now..

SL is coming over in the afternoon.
city tour and money burning time again.
I had a permit from grandpa when he gave me his leftover singdollars last week.
he told me not to simply spend money.
but have to eat well, buy good clothes and adorn a better look.
so I’ve totally no idea how to simply spend money anymore.

for the past 2 weeks,
I’ve been start ignoring all the calls from both maxis and m1 numbers.
as I’m roaming now,
it’s very fucking annoying when they’re actually dialing the wrong number.

but today I’ve only realised, the same numbers who’re keep calling me..
one of them is sukhpal, who was in SG as well and I’ve forgotten about it after i went back to KL.

another one is from the Sony Centre, telling me my laptop has no problem..
the bloody laptop’s heating system has obviously spoilt in some way..
and none of them could find out the source of problem..
I think I’ve sufficient excuse to pursue my dad for the Z-series very soon..

another random note, mcD has double McSpicy, which is equalavent to spicy chicken mcdeluxe.

my posts are getting more and more randomised rants on it.

what are you actually craving from here?

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  1. kswongvincent says:

    Sony technicican sucks, just like sony.. haha..
    苹果 technician won’t say such noob things wan..

  2. tzyy says:

    I’ve to admit this for this case.

    It’s okay, let me graduate first and I’ll make them improve.

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