The EEs Gathering II

Posted by tzyy On June - 24 - 2009 4 COMMENTS

Venue: 1utama Mamak’s Corner, 1utama GSC
Time: supposingly 9.30pm.. supposed to be…
Activities: mamak session & Transformer 2
Members: myself, zeneng, vincent, raymond, nicholas, ei-vonne + vincent’s bro and xeleon

okay, after this paragraph, everyone should be expecting that I’ll post up some photos here.

but sad to say, we did not take much photos . =D

just recording this up here.

Next Gathering: The Redang’s Trip
Elected Organiser: Gun Wei Chye, who’s a few thousands miles away from us now
(clap clap clap)

4 Responses

  1. rayz says:

    lolz gun kambate!

  2. kswongvincent says:

    Maye we can go perhentian, as it is located in Kelantan, where Ah B is currently.
    What say You?

  3. Alex says:

    Aiya.. i also wanna see transformer 1..

  4. tzyy says:

    as long as someone can organise, I can go !

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