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2 years ago, i was thinking . i love UK syllabus.
whereby almost 80% of the final mark is awarded in the final examination..
we only have to study during the last minute.

9 months ago, i was dreaming. i love UK syllabus.
with a bare 70% you could get a first class honours degree cert.
how easy?

6 months ago, i was in a panic mood.
with the stress of tons and tons of lab works flooding me..

4 months ago, i had my first final mark for a subject.
50%, a stupid report with a noob planner.
this isn’t any big deal, i just had to work hard for my final exams, i thought.

3 months ago, i was in a don’t-care-mood.
robot let it run-or-not. just let it be.
i don’t wanna care about this subject anymore.
i’m going to focus on the other 5.

2 months ago, oh exams is getting near.
time to buck up.
alright, went oxford, liverpool, dotaing, facebooking, sleeping, shitting and wad else?

1 month ago, ok exam is here.
1 day revision for each subject. which is THE DAY BEFORE THE EXAM.

1 week ago, first exam was good.
2nd exam was like shit. 3rd exam okay. 4th exam like shit again.

so we got the root-mean-square value of,
(shit + shit + shit + good + ok +ok) = SHIT %rms

first class, don’t even think about it.
60%, possible?
alright I already biasa with this kind of mark.

i can say my result had nvr been excellent for the entire study life of mine.
because of stupidness? or lazyness?

there’s a phrase that everyone like to talk about,
there’s no one who is stupid, only the lazy one.
personal opinion, this is only applicable for the youth.
like <college.
once you’re fixed, you’re forever fixed to one threshold limit.
but there’s of course some exceptional, out of a million


alright i rather rant at here than revising my next subject on tuesday.
probably i know i won’t get any good result anymore.
an 60 and 69 doesn’t make much different to me.

and no, i’m not emoing here.
i’m talking bout the facts, and doing something useful

rather than refreshing facebook,
and nudging everyone’s msn..
at 4am GMT+08 …..
with no reply.


p/s my eng teacher once circled all my small case letter ‘i’ in my essay. but i didn’t give a damn . i’m still loving it =D

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